ISI: Industry Supporting Industry

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ISI: Industry Supporting Industry

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  Hidden on the upstairs floor of a downtown business center is a small room, the size of a loft, with hardwood floors, and paintings on every wall. Down a narrow hallway is an office with two desks facing each other making it easier for collaboration and communication. This small loft is called the Zen Den, the home of ISI group, and where its founders, Dana Anderson and Phillip Limon, come together to create their next big concept in the Las Vegas Arts District.

  Industry Supporting Industry, or ISI group, was created six and a half years ago and it’s sole purpose is to display creative industries, such as artists and musicians, to other businesses and companies in Las Vegas.

  Almost seven years ago, Anderson was working a nightlife promotion for the Palms and approached Limon, owner of a downtown art gallery, about an idea that he had. Anderson envisioned having one night a week dedicated to the artists, tattoo artists, and musicians of Las Vegas where each artist was able to showcase his or her work.

  “A lot of my drive was just from the arts because I enjoyed it so much and I wanted to give them a place to be, and at the time I was in a position where I could do that,” said Anderson.

  One of their many different beliefs that have helped ISI group prosper over the years is “Support Each Other, Grow Together.” Both Anderson and Limon believed that to succeed, you must support each other. “Each person or individual is from a different industry. Graffiti artists- that’s an industry. Tattoo artists- that’s an industry. If we’re at a bar- that’s an industry. Liquor companies, DJs, food trucks, everybody’s there for one thing, and that’s to support one another, and that’s the whole science behind Industry Supporting Industry or ISI group,” said Limon.

  Since Anderson and Limon’s first ideas of the ISI group, it has blown up immensely. They have various events that span out over the course of a month. ISI group have three larger resident events and other functions that fill up the rest of the month. One of their bigger events is called “Las Vaudeville,” which is a 21 and over talent show that they put on every month at the Bunkhouse Saloon. They also do silent auctions at the Linq Casino Center Bar.  The ISI group will pick 10-15 artists to be apart of the silent auction. Each artist has to create a painting based on a theme decided by Anderson and Limon. Some of the past themes include pop, mythology, and animals. Once the paintings are sold, 100% of the proceeds go back to the artist.

  The ISI group also hosts an all ages event once a month at Container Park called Second Sunday. At this affair, Anderson and Limon give young artists the chance to showcase their craft at no cost, whether it be jewelry, clothing, or art.

  Throughout their years the ISI group has become a widely known organization in the Arts District. Anderson said, “If you support each other and push the idea as a whole, opposed to yourself as an individual, we can rise up together and doing so your individual talents will shine, but you have a backbone to rely on.”

If you would like more information: go to or go to their instagram @the_isi_group