Firstname Lastname: The art of fake IDs in the adolescent age

  Freedom, the power or right to act, speak, or think as one wants without hindrance or restraint. Something that many people are always willing to fight for to any extent and degree.

  As a vast majority of the young adult to teenage age groups are limited in the types of activities they have the pleasure of enjoying, anything that allows someone to have that “extra night of fun” is worth the risk to them. False identification, which is largely popular among underage students in college, has worked its way into the lives of the high school demographic.

  Evidently, the process works in this day and age has become fairly simple. Many websites such as,, and all exist for the sole purpose of providing the under aged with an accessible means to attain the false documents. Personal information is asked for online, and in a specific amount of time the ID will be delivered in the mail. Concerns among legal officials and parents aren’t centered around the ID’s themselves but what the children intend to do with them. Bars, clubs, alcohol, gambling, concerts, are all things that become accessible once a teenager is in possession of a false ID.

  In a recent study conducted to evaluate the relationship between the ownership of fake ID’s and the consumption of alcohol, 42 percent of men and 21 percent of women were reported to have taken part in a drinking binge at a certain point in their lives (according to statistics).

  If a new form of identification is inaccessible, students “chalk” (use colored pencils to modify) their own driver’s license.  The chalk method is practically free, and is typically done by many underaged students generally everywhere. All it requires is a few colored pencils and an hour of precise coloring. The repercussions of chalking include suspension of the driver’s license for up to a year, or in extreme cases seven years in prison (according to the article on the reality of Fake ID’s).

  “ I’m getting a fake once I turn sixteen,” a student said, “it’s only to get into 21+ venues because all of my favorite punk bands perform at places that the underaged can’t get into. It’s really unfortunate when I have to miss some of my favorites.” This, sheds some light on the prospect of good intention among teens when it comes to the freedoms presented from false identification.

  Although they may be considered a minority group, there are a certain amount of teenagers who are to determined to solely have clean fun. With the era of discos officially over, teens aren’t expected to go out dancing with their friends until the legal ages of 18 or 21. Thus, restrictions are a fairly common thing among the 15-17 age groups. Dancing the night away to a series of songs from one’s favorite 80’s movie soundtrack or just getting out of the house and going somewhere other than the park, would be a dream come true for some people. Having false identification allows teenagers to take part in these types of activities much sooner and almost eliminates the need to wait in order to have a night on the town. Also, in terms of music, a large quantity of rock and roll, punk,  and alternative bands, or DJ’s play at venues that require attendees to be the age of a legal adult. Life is only so long, and the opportunity to see a favorite music group comes around a few times in one’s lifetime; which, is a standpoint worth acknowledging when discussing Fake ID’s. ” Hypothetically speaking, if I could have a fake ID, to go dancing or see concerts, and if the fun doesn’t do any damage, I would do it. It’s not ok because if you need a fake ID to do it, you probably shouldn’t be doing it.  But I would still do it.” Eric Shepard, 9th Grade, Orchestra Major.  

  Regardless of the opinions on the general subject matter, each particular teenager, child, or student is different. Each individual person intends to use what they have in different ways and for different purposes. Despite the statistics regarding what Fake ID’s are currently being used for, everyone will never share the same opinion on the issue. The subject of Fake ID’s among teens will always be one that is highly distable from both sides.