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Kloe Dougherty

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Lots of students have crystals whether it be jewelry or chunks at home. Both are equally beneficial, but if not being taken care of correctly, they will lose their properties. Here are a couple of tips for picking and taking care of your crystals throughout the year.

When picking out a crystal, you always want to buy the one that you are drawn to the most. This is because subconsciously, your mind knows that the crystal has properties that are beneficial to you in that moment. After purchasing your crystal most places will cleanse the stone in their mixture of sage water. Which clears the crystal from everyone else’s spirits so that it is able to take in your energies.

If your crystal shop does not do this type of cleansing this is very easy to do yourself. To make the water, you will need a couple branches of the herb sage and a bowl of water. Let the sage sit in the water for a full 24 hours, and then add lemon and cedar oil to the sage water. Not only does this water cleanse your crystals but can also be used as a body mist and is meant to reduce anxiety throughout the day.

It is important to cleanse your crystals after you buy them because when the stone is in the shop, people are constantly picking up the crystals and putting them back; you don’t want to take home someone else’s energy.

After a while your crystal will start to lose its energy, but there are ways to prevent this from happening. Putting your rocks outside during the full moon will charge or revive them. The most beneficial way to put out the crystals is preferably on soil in direct view to the moonlight. I leave mine outside all night, and in the morning after I have collected them and brought them back inside, spray them again with the sage water to cleanse all the energies of anyone who had touched the crystals within the month.

Taking care of your stones will overall give them a longer life which gives you the energies that each stone produces. The process of taking care of your crystals may be a lot of work but it pays off in the end. Following these simple tips will help keep your crystals transmitting energy and full of your spirit.