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Juliette Singer

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Just hours after the Las Vegas shooting on Oct. 1, a large number of blood donors lined up in front of all of the local blood donation centers. We give blood to help others, keep them healthy, and save lives. “I would say that giving blood is a classical republican idea. It is sacrificing yourself, your blood, literally, your time in order to benefit the other people around you,” said government teacher Mr. Dokken.

After the events of  “1 October”, students from LVA gathered to partake in the semi-annual Blood Drive that was already previously scheduled prior to the tragedy. According to the New York Times, the shelf life of blood can last up to 42 days. Although this may seem like a long time for a pint of blood to be preserved, thousands of individuals need blood every day whether it’d be for surgery, tragic accidents, and/or blood transfusions. The city of Las Vegas alone needs about 200 pints a day in order to keep up with the demand. The more people that need blood, the more individuals there needs to be waiting in line at their local blood banks readily eager to help.

On Feb. 8, LVA hosted another blood drive, and students who were 18 years old or had parental consent were able to donate blood during the school day. There were 83 donors registered to donate; however, only 57 were successful donors. The rest were unable to donate due to the fact that specific health standards were not met. The units collected by the student body will be able to save up to 171 patients in the Las Vegas area.

Although there were 83 registered donors, the number may have potentially decreased because of restrictions placed on all members of the 42nd Street: LVA’s musical production who were told they were not allowed to give blood on that day. Advised by the director, Mr. Kilmer, the effects of giving blood can take a toll on the many dancers, performers, and tech crew members that are constantly physically active during rehearsals. “Ultimately it’s just not safe for the cast to give blood and then go through a 4 hour rehearsal after a long day at school, so it’s just best to make sure everyone’s in good health,” said choir major Isabel Ferguson, 11. This meant that many upperclassmen were unable to partake in this past blood drive. In the concern of safety, the average blood donor is recommended to not engage in any strenuous physical activity within next four to five days after giving blood. Although these students may not be able to donate in the time span of the show, there are plenty of opportunities for the students to go out to their local blood donation center after the show. As the need for blood continues, LVA students will continue to always be willing to go the extra step towards helping others.

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