Student Highlight: Aimee Tram

Dalton Scott, Reporter

  Daniel, The Karate Kid’s main protagonist, shows dedication and persistence, and it made Aimee feel like she can do anything. Whenever he failed, he didn’t stop. By the end of the movie, he ended up being a winner. Aimee wanted to feel what he felt. When Daniel looked back at his hard work, he realized he wanted to quit but kept going.

  At first sophomore and band major Aimee thought about doing soccer as an extracurricular activity, but once Aimee watched the movie called The Karate Kid, it changed her life. Aimee started martial arts the next day. Now she has a black belt and has been doing martial arts for 6 years.

     Aimee said, “When the ref put my hand in the air, I almost had like a flashback to all of the moments I wanted to quit, and I would be upset because I wasn’t doing as well as I wanted to. But for all the hard work you put in, to feel that moment means everything.”

  After all of Aimee’s hard work and training, she entered in a tournament. She said the tournament was nerve racking. She was worried because she didn’t know how the other girls trained. Aimee was able to get to the final match. The final match is durning dinner on a stage. All of the black belts, masters, and the founder is watching you.

  Aimee said, “After the whole thing was over, on the podium, you feel a sense of pride. I can see my mom and family in the background and to see them happy to see that I pursued what I love.”

  She said after she won the tournament she feels like she can do everything she puts her mind too. Aimee felt like she was on top of the world.

  She knows people that are after the belt itself, but she is after the journey. Amiee is after all the things she could learn on the way.

  “These people knew me for six years of my life. They’re like my second family,” Aimee said.

  Before Aimee started martial arts, she was a shy, closed in, distant, and guarded kid who had just moved to Las Vegas. Aimee remembers after her first lesson that she already felt more confident than before. After weeks and months went by after that first lesson she felt like a different person.

  Aimee said she learned lessons that made her look at the world with a different perspective and live with an open mind. She learned to be thankful to the people who always have your back and to be respectful to everyone you interact with.