Stastny Becomes a Knight

Dalton Scott, Reporter

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   The Golden Knights fell short of winning the silver cup for the silver state. What seemed like a dream ended with a sad ending. The Las Vegas Golden Knights were considered the best expansion team in history of all sports, but with season two coming up for the Golden Knights, they had to make some executive decisions.

  The Golden Knights were unable to make new contract deals with the free agents James Neal and David Perron who were both on the second line. However, the Golden Knights did pick up center Paul Stastny who had 53 points, 16 goals, and 37 assists(combine players goals and assists to get points) last season with the Blues and Winnipeg Jets.

  Fans of the team were upset about losing Neal and Perron, but Carson Kemp, 11, band took the situation differently. Carson said, “While they definitely played a role in the teams success, I think the team will be able to adapt to the changes.” He said both Neal and Perron were very good players, but Neal seemed dormant because he was almost like an outsider only scoring every now and then, and Perron took too many penalties. He said that Stastny would be a help by filling the holes left by Neal and Perron.

  General Manager, George Mcphee, on the VGK Insider Show said that they did have to change the second line from what it was last year because as far as second lines go, it wasn’t good enough defensively. The second line did produce goals, but the goals against for every 60 minutes was dead last in the league. Mcphee thought adding Stansty would be really important by getting a quality center and a guy really good at faceoffs.

  In an article by Robert Laflamme, golden knight player Jonathan Marchessault said, “It’s a great pickup. Paul has a great hockey sense and he’s excellent at both ends of ice. He doesn’t give a half-effort, and that’s why our team has collectively had so much success: our strong work habits. He’ll mesh perfectly with this group.’’

  Stastny said he is ready for another Stanley Cup playoffs run. He is hoping to be the missing part to the franchise. At the St. Louis AAA Celebrity Golf Classic, Stastny said “Outsiders will probably say last year was a potential fluke. But in this league, nothing’s a fluke.”

  He had also said that once he played the Golden Knights, all of sudden they became a viable option, and that one realizes how hard of a team they are. Stastny said that the Golden Knights had a lot of depth, and that’s what made them a good team.