All American City

Kaylee Danchak, Reporter

  One of our fellow orchestra majors and senior, Sol Martinez, was one of about 34 Las Vegas residents to participate in the All American City competition, held by The National Civic League. Formed in 1894 by Theodore Roosevelt,  The League possesses the mission to celebrate community engagement, such as racial equity, environmental preservation, youth leadership, and much more. In order to win the competition, a city must bring representatives to demonstrate different cultures and provide examples of three city projects used to show inclusiveness and innovation. Las Vegas had won and is now one of ten cities recognized to make an effort to encourage inclusive community service, and to build relationships between businesses, nonprofits, government leaders, and members of the general public.

The group had different presentations to demonstrate their individual cultures. Sol, who is a part of the Paiute Tribe, represented her heritage with a Native dance complete with regalia, or formal Native apparel, with items such as an eagle feather and mink furs. Sol was appreciative to represent her culture as well as her city, because she feels Southern Nevada has definitely opened up its arms to Native American tribes. “Mayor Goodman shows the utmost respect for my tribe and others in Las Vegas, and I could be nothing but thankful.” she said. The group was also able to listen to presentations from around the country and even had the chance to sit down with a few different representatives from other cities.

Strengthening a community and creating a sense of togetherness requires a lot of consistency and hard work, but as shown, Las Vegas has achieved that. Sol and her group have done a great deal and have provided our city with an award to cherish, but there’s still much to do. The tenacity of a city not only relies on its government, but upon its people. We can only ensure its success by contributing to Las Vegas through the people, whether it be civic service, volunteer work, or even raising awareness for charitable organizations. The hard-work to guarantee a better future is far from over because after-all, Las Vegas is an All-American City.