Food Review: Skinny Fats


Kaylee Danchak, Reporter

Skinny Fats

6475 N Decatur Blvd #180, Las Vegas, NV 89131

  Walking inside the establishment, the interior was welcoming and extremely industrial modern. I really enjoyed the Skinny Fats logo, a neon smiley face, plastered all around the restaurant as it gave off a feeling of beaming pride from the establishment. Bright LED lights illuminated the metallic countertops which appeared to be constructed out of aluminium and wood. Wooden pallets were upcycled into chic stools and booths, which served to be extremely comfortable. A recycling bin was supplied, alongside the trash can, and eco-friendly, paper straws were also supplied for which I was extremely appreciative.

  Even though I took a long time to figure out what I wanted to order, the cashier was extremely nice and even tried to assist me in what foods I might be interested in trying. After ordering and getting drinks, it took about ten to fifteen minutes to receive the food I had ordered. The food arrived warm and fresh, and all at once which was a bit of a challenge. As much as I enjoyed the appetizers, I wish they would have arrived a little sooner so they could settle before the entrees arrive.

  As an appetizer, I made it a point to try their infamous hummus and pita bread. It had been recommended to me by every person who’d been to Skinny Fats, and I was not by any means disappointed. The taste of garlic and tahini in the hummus was outstandingly balanced, and I really enjoyed the texture as well. The hummus was creamy and lacked any type of grittiness. The pita bread had an amazing taste and maintained a crunchy exterior while having a pleasantly soft center creating a satisfying combination with the creamy hummus.

  As an entree, I tried the Mean Bean burger, which consists of a housemade black bean patty, spinach, tomato, avocado, spicy hummus on a wheat bun.

  Those who are not fond or familiar with vegetarian burgers might be cringing in their seats as they read this, but I highly recommend them… just not from Skinny Fats. I love black bean burgers, and almost prefer them over regular burgers, but I was not impressed with what I was served. The entire burger is made purely of the overly spiced black bean patty and overly thick bun. There was a single tomato slice and an overwhelming amount of spicy hummus. What could typically be a great veggie burger, (with the right balance),  was a disaster to be frank. As a lover of all the ingredients, I was unpleasantly surprised. Even as I was disappointed with what I was served, I ordered a side of truffle fries and was very satisfied. As I’m not typically a fan of salty foods, these fries were perfection. Covered with cheese, a mysterious seasoning, and shaved truffles, I was astounded at the flavor. I would visit this business for these fries a hundred times over.


One could definitely not sustain themselves off Skinny Fats for a long period of time as the prices are bit high, but I do think for the service and Truffle Fries that the price is worth it. I would return to Skinny Fats again but I would definitely consider something a little different.