Why You Should Go to the Winter Formal

Claire Sloane, Reporter

Students at LVA are well aware of the few school dances hosted annually including Homecoming, Sadie’s, and Prom. However, this year Student Council has added a new event to the normal lineup: LVA’s first Winter Formal. This dance along with Homecoming and Sadie’s will help raise sufficient funds for Prom.

Student Council urges LVA students to attend school dances because it is the best way to raise funds for Prom. “The more people attend our dances, the better the [prom] venue can be,” said Student Council member and French major Alejandra Castellanos, 11. She explained that talk about a winter formal began during the 2017-2018 school year, but due to organizational problems, it could not happen. This year however, under administration by Señor Zaro, Student Council was able to begin planning the dance in time for this winter season.

The date of the Winter Formal is set for January 19, the second Saturday following our return from Winter Break. Tickets will sell for $20, but there will be a flash sale for discounted ticket prices.

A misconception about the Winter Formal is that it’s a prom for underclassmen, but it is simply another way to raise funds for the Junior/Senior Prom. Upperclassmen are welcome at the Winter Formal, and are encouraged to go! Just as there is for Homecoming and Prom, Alejandra said that there will be a Winter Formal court, for both under- and upperclassmen.

The next dance following the Winter Formal is Sadie’s in February. But due to administration concerns, Student Council said this year’s Sadie’s will be held after school, and “closer to a hang-out rather than a dance.” Despite this change, Student Council urges LVA students to attend these events to help Prom planning.

The venue for this year’s prom dance will remain a secret until a later date, but Alejandra, as well as the rest of Student Council, seem very excited about its location. The only thing they ask of students is to attend LVA’s school dances to ensure their Prom vision can become a reality.