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Life Is Beautiful Recap

October 31, 2016

Three days of music, art, food, dancing, and laying out on fake grass with complete strangers filled downtown Las Vegas with an unparalleled spirit of joy and camaraderie as the fourth year of Life is Beautiful came to an epic close. Artists, musical and otherwise, performed and displayed their work for more than 120,000 people over 18 blocks of the Vegas downtown area, according to a Billboard article.

From a ferris wheel that went a little too fast and concerts that were a little too loud, people of all ages enjoyed everything the festival had to offer. Many LVA students attended Life is Beautiful and added to the familiar atmosphere of the festival. Piano major Taylor Boyd, 12, said “It was surreal and better than I ever expected. It made me appreciate music and life more. Life is really cool.”


    As soon as the lights came up on stage, a knee jerk reaction of flashing lighters rippled across the crowd and the harsh aroma of weed and cigarette smoke came to indicate the beginning of another band’s set. Jumping wildly to the beat of ‘Let’s Dance to Joy Division’ made the bright stage lights pass by in a psychedelic blur while the deafening bass vibrated through the earth and knocked the inhibitions out of everyone present.

     No one paid attention to how they looked when they danced to their favorite song or what the girl next to them was wearing. The only thing that mattered was the moment and the music. If a random person came up to you and asked you to dance, you danced. If the lead singer told you to put your hands in the air, you did it and waved like mad to get their attention. Every act was instinctual and right and no one cared because everyone felt it.

    If Life is Beautiful was a feeling, it would be one of satisfied euphoria right after witnessing your favorite artist play live or walking through an art exhibit when your mind is openly filled with awe-inspired appreciation and negativity is nowhere to be found.

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