How To Survive High School

Tashina Amiro, Assistant Editor

  Anyone can survive high school, but it takes effort to actually experience it. Ideally, we would all like to have the picture perfect high school experience that we see in the movies, but no matter the amount of planning that one can do, life will still follow its own agenda.

  It still has not completely occured to me that I am a senior; I continue to wait for an epiphany, but nothing has happened. In my mind, I am still the awkward freshman with a bad ombré and braces, it’s the second day of school, and my pants are soaked because I was unaware that the field was wet. At that time, I had no self esteem and depended heavily on others. Today, I have realized that I have no one but myself, and that is how it should be. This journey is my own.

  These past three years have flown by, and I can only reminisce on my odd experiences that have compiled to make my high school career. The point of this article is not to publicly embarrass myself but rather to express the importance of remaining present. There are many moments that I wish I could relive, but they are only memories now. I have learned that it is pointless to get caught up on things that irk me; my energy is valuable and should be put towards things that will benefit my future. Even if something was the best experience of my life, I should be focusing on what is waiting for me. My past should be nothing more than something to occasionally reflect and learn from. Time continues, people change, and we grow as individuals.

  I try to not regret any decisions I’ve made in high school, but I admit that I regret not being more involved. I underestimated my potential and ultimately held myself back. As humans, we tend to see the worst in ourselves, and it should be the opposite. Quite recently I have been taught that I will be a lot happier the less that I care about what others think. This might seem counterproductive, but it worked. The less I cared about what others thought, the more I realized that I was okay with who I am internally and externally. I was so hard on myself because I felt that I had to live up to people’s expectations, but their expectations were unrealistic because society never knows what it wants. This is why the idea of “the perfect person” is ever changing. Instead, I should be focusing on becoming the best version of me.

  With this in mind, I encourage you to step out of your comfort zone. Your dreams are not ridiculous; someone has to achieve them. Why not you? No one achieved anything by boxing themselves off from the world and possible opportunities. Make bold choices unapologetically and you will thrive; this is your neverending  moment.

  The movies say that these are the best four years of our lives, so make that cliché your reality. See the best in the worst and continue to move forward.

  So yes, I have survived high school, but it is not until recently that I have learned to experience it.