7 Tips For Making an Awesome College App.

Amanda Bradford, Staff Writer

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  1. Research, research, research. Think about the environment you want to live in for the next four years and the kind of education you want to get when researching schools. Naviance and College Board are good resources to get you started in your college search. Don’t be narrow-minded! Look into a bunch of schools–even the one’s you’ve never heard of–because they could end up being the perfect fit for you!
  2. Take your standardized tests early. Most college applications close on January first, some even earlier, and that means the December SAT and ACT scores will not be back in time to send to colleges! Make sure you take your tests in October so you have plenty of time to send your scores.  
  3. Look for scholarships. There are so many scholarships out there that are rewarded for almost any achievement so just search and apply for as many as you can! Every little bit of money adds up in the big picture.
  4. Make a chart. Write down every school you are applying to, the dates the applications open, the dates they close, and whether or not they require letters of recommendation. This will help keep you organized and take some stress off of the application process. If you manage your time well and do little pieces at a time it won’t be too stressful.
  5. Ask for letters of recommendation. Ask teachers who know you well to fill out your recommendations early and in person! Teachers will be more willing to fill out your recommendations if you ask them personally and if they have plenty of time to send them in!
  6. Start working on college essays. The Common Application essay prompts are a good place to start to get a solid essay written. A lot of schools have similar prompts so you can alter it to fit what the specific prompt is asking. Remember to use your own voice in your essay so colleges get to know who you really are!
  7. Make a resume. Most applications require that you manually enter all of your activities, volunteer experiences, etc. but it is a good idea to have a list of everything you have done over the last three years so you don’t leave anything out!