Color Run


  To be “The Happiest 5k on the Planet” is the Color Run’s first priority. The marathon was created in 2011 in order to bring the community together through happiness and health. It is the largest running series in the world, experienced by six million runners in more than 35 countries. One of these many locations is right down the street from LVA and occurs every February in Las Vegas.

  Registration is about $45 and according to the website, “runners will receive the 2017 limited edition Dream Tour Participant Kit complete with a super soft new tee, unicorn finisher’s medal, Color Runner headband, color packet, and shiny “HAPPY” tattoo!” These signature tee’s are the canvas for the volunteers to decorate. Individual colors are distributed at color zones that are located throughout the course. The pigment is “a combination of cornstarch, baking soda, and FD&C dyes.” This makes the powder safe from toxins and metals.

  When I arrived at the venue, there was a DJ and glitter station that tried to pump up the crowd. Check in was performed through an iPad scanning process that proceeded into receiving my Dream Tour Participation Kit. The DJ was in charge of herding the crowd down Las Vegas Boulevard to where the race began. In order to keep the marathon safe, the crowd of people were only released to begin about 100 at a time. The course winded throughout downtown and police had a presence around every curve. Volunteers were in charge of distributing the color so that clouds of the powder hovered around the designated sections. Every section had its own color. At the end of the marathon, everyone received a medal and a package of color to throw in the color party. At the exits, there were volunteers with wind blowers, cleaning off excess color from the participants.

  Since the run was downtown, it was interesting to be smeared in orange in front of Frazier. Being an LVA student, I felt more comfortable navigating my way before and after the event and even enjoyed seeing the businesses that I may not have noticed in the past. Some businesses, such as the Donut Bar, got involved with the happy and handed out free donuts to the first 50 runners. It was ironic to walk off the course of a marathon to grabs donut, but it made the Color Run an even happier 5k.

  Overall, the Color Run was a bucket list worthy experience. If I ever were to do it again, I would prefer to organize a larger group and maybe get more hands on during the color party. I wish that the Color Run had more to do once the marathon was over, but that is also coming from a person who does not do many marathons and I am certain most do not have a bubble station waiting near the finish line. Let it be known that I will most likely not participate in another marathon, unless it also has a bubble station and color party.