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2017-2018 Staff

Patty Scholz

Staff Writer

Patty Scholz is a senior Orchestra major who just loves her music, video games and sleeping. She’s your stereotypical high school student who’s just a little too eccentric whenever she gets enough sleep....

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Adianna Shepherd

Staff Writer

Senior Piano major who loves impressionistic piano music, true crime novels, and volunteering with children every week.

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Ana Saia

Staff Writer

Ana Saia is an orchestra major who plays the violin. She loves to read novels from all categories, Audrey Hepburn is her role model, and loves hanging out with her older sister.

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Dalton Scott

Staff Writer

I’m a freshman jazz major. I love to eat Hostess cakes, even know they are very unhealthy. I love to travel to new places and eat new food.

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Isabelle Claassen

Staff Writer

Hi, i’m Isabelle. I’m a dance major, and I love to read.

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Sage Mednre

Staff Writer

Hi! My name is Sage Mendre and I am a dance major at LVA. I am a freshman and I am so excited to be apart of the newspaper staff this school year!

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Allysa Olis

Staff Writer

I’m a 9th grade band major. Beatles music and coffee are the only things that get me through the day. I believe there’s no problem that can’t be solved with a relatable song and a good book. In an ideal world I would have ...

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Aime Tram

Staff Writer

I’m a 15 years old. My major is band and I play trumpet. Something I do outside of school is play ukulele and piano.

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Shane Herbert

Staff Writer

Hi I’m Shane I am a LVA band major. I play the clarinet and have been playing since sixth grade. I have two parents on sister and a dog named Douglas.

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Zane Basquiat

Staff Writer

I’m a 10th grade jazz major, I play bari sax. I do paintball, coding, and video games for fun. I do MMA/UFC fights for fun as well. I don’t know what to say, Kloe yelled at me to do this...

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Collin McGregor

Staff Writer

My name is Colin McGregor, I'm a junior Jazz major. I play the bass and I really like writing and listening to music.

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Jasper James

Staff Writer

Jasper is a Sophomore cellist at LVA. He's involved in fitness club, the LVYO Academy, and Journalism. Come say hi!

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Wren Alexander

Staff Writer

I’m Wren, a film major who enjoys music and movies.

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Claire Sloane

Staff Writer

Claire Sloane is an art and photography major. Besides art, she loves drinking coffee, eating breakfast foods, playing the piano, and running track.

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Kelsey Gibson

Staff Writer

My name is Kelsey Gibson. I’m a dance major in 9th grade and i'm obsessed with christmas socks and coffee!

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John Blake

Photo Editor

I don't know yet.

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CK Padayao

Design Editor

Hi! My name's a copyright infringement. But anyways, I'm your friendly local graphic design editor for the newspaper!

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Vivian Wu


I love dogs, and boba and Journalism! I haven't applied for college yet, but I've already bought tickets to Seattle.

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Kloe Dougherty

Story Editor

I’m Kloe and I am a junior Journalism major. This year I am the story editor for the magazine. If you ever need me you can find me eating nutella out of the jar in the back room, watching a Keanu Reeves movie. ...

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Meagan Shaffer

Managing Editor

I may look angry, but it's not at you. You can find me in the back room drinking my sixth cup of coffee.

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Juliette Singer

Editor In Chief

Hey! It's Juliette Singer here, and you're watching Disney Channel. Dun dun, dun dunnnnnn.

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The Inside Scoops of LVA